Saturday, June 27, 2009

Colored Note Pads and Holder!

Pink Paisley Multi

I do not know why these aren't spaced correctly.

However, they are: Pink/Orange Paisley, Black Zebra with Family Names,

Teal Paisley, and Multi Dot.

So many people inquired about Color Note Pads, that I did some investigating and have come up with the best prices for them. I have also come up with an acrylic holder, which paired with some loose paper, make a great gift! Teachers, friends, home office, etc....
Pricing is as follows:
Large 5x8 Color Note Pad: $18
Skinny 3.5x8 Color Note Pad: $15
Square 4x5 Color Note Pad: $13 (would fit into the acrylic holder)
Each pad is about 70 pages.

Clear Acrylic Holder, approximately 4.25x5.25: Comes with 72 sheets of loose, colored paper.
Colored Paper and Holder set: $20, Extra refill at time of order: $12, additional refills: $13
Black and White set: $15, Extra refill at time of order: $6, additional refills: $7

I am posting some (hopefully) fun designs, but remember that the sky is the limit and check out other graphics, or give me your graphic idea!

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