Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Invitation and Announcement Ideas--Fun!!!

Simple Pink Polka Dot Invite
A boys' science birthday party

2-sided Christmas Card

Here are some sample Invitations. They can be recolored to your specifications. Or I can Custom Design something just for you and your special event!

Blossom Invite

Lingerie Shower

White Cherry Blossoms

Polka Dot Border

Green Leafy Invite

Brown with dot border Invitation

Black Twirl Invitation

Black/White Poka Dot Invitation

Mutli Swirl Invitation

A Graduation Invite... This was a lot of fun. The "theme" was black and white, with red accents, and I had to throw some zebra in. Hope the party is a lot of fun!

This is an example of an annoucement with multiple photos. Any graphic can be changed to suit your personality.

I have lots of invites on my flikr page; see All Designs to the side and click to view. I'll post new things here, but to keep it "less cluttered", I'm keeping them on flikr. A small sample is still below...

Moving Announcements... and Children's Invitations

Black/White Zebra Invitation

Birth announcements... this may be my favorite thing to make. I make these from "scratch", just for you. Email me for details or ideas.

This announcement is a tent fold. It looks backwards... but the sides fold in and the picture goes in the inside. The baby's 'stats' can go on your picture ( I can do that for you!) and be placed with a coordinating ribbon at the top... If you want something different and unique, we can be creative. Or not. Ha.

We had pictures taken in the fall. This card was Z fold. I saw some in a catalog and decided to experiment. I liked the fact that they fit in a smaller sized envelope.

Give me your event, theme, etc. and I can create proofs for you to view...

Baby Boy Shower Invitation