Friday, October 2, 2009

I love labels. I love having pictures of my boys on one; I think it makes giving a gift that much personal to them when they get to put a sticker of them on the gift sack! These are great for party favor bags, envelope seals, gift bags, and more. They do take a little longer: allow at least 4 weeks for delivery.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Enclosures for Gifts

An enclosure card is a small card that fits into a small envelope. They are perfect for attaching to children's gifts and family gifts, and saves both time and expense of buying standard larger cards!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Self-Inking Stamps

I can personalize/tweak the designs to create your own, individual stamp.
This stamp is a more tradional twist on the Mono with Overlay, #7. Different letters look better with a different style, font, etc. You can mix/match anything shown to create your own look!
Christmas Stamps-- don't you want your cards and party invitations to have that "added cuteness"? Great gifts, too!

For the discriminating Hog Family....
Self Inking Stamps: Perfect for Correspondence!

Choose a Design choice-- different middle designs and borders available.

Note: you can change fonts to customize your look!

I am very pleased to offer Self Inking Stamps! My introductory price is $39, and turn-around time is about one week. These are perfect for return-addressing all of your correspondence. The actual stamp is about 1 1/2 inch in diameter--not too big, and not too small. I am very pleased with the stamp quality. These are extremely comparable to the more expensive (and more generic!) gift shop variety, but you may customize to your specifications. Examples are shown, but I can certainly design a stamp to your specifications!
Email me your information with your order. Available in Black, Green, Red, Purple, and Blue.

Great for HOLIDAY and NEW BABY correspondence, too!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Flat Note Cards

Flat Note Cards are great for simple notes.
A guy's version of a note card: simple monogram with address on the bottom
This zebra dot with name design would work nicely on a large, flat note card (coming soon!)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

August Designs

Note Card: Trike
Pink Camo

Green Camo

Brown Camo

Blue Camo


You could change this block to other graphics.

Note Card: Initial Block with Names

Note Card: Family with Names

Note Card: Tiara

Note Card: Plaid Girl

Note Card: Plaid Boy

Note Card: Lantern

Note Card: Initial

Note Card: Coral Reef

Note Card: Baby Bird

Note Card: 3 Flowers Faded

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Colored Note Pads and Holder!

Pink Paisley Multi

I do not know why these aren't spaced correctly.

However, they are: Pink/Orange Paisley, Black Zebra with Family Names,

Teal Paisley, and Multi Dot.

So many people inquired about Color Note Pads, that I did some investigating and have come up with the best prices for them. I have also come up with an acrylic holder, which paired with some loose paper, make a great gift! Teachers, friends, home office, etc....
Pricing is as follows:
Large 5x8 Color Note Pad: $18
Skinny 3.5x8 Color Note Pad: $15
Square 4x5 Color Note Pad: $13 (would fit into the acrylic holder)
Each pad is about 70 pages.

Clear Acrylic Holder, approximately 4.25x5.25: Comes with 72 sheets of loose, colored paper.
Colored Paper and Holder set: $20, Extra refill at time of order: $12, additional refills: $13
Black and White set: $15, Extra refill at time of order: $6, additional refills: $7

I am posting some (hopefully) fun designs, but remember that the sky is the limit and check out other graphics, or give me your graphic idea!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Colored Note Pad Ideas

(several other styles on home page)
Doodles Blue, Doodles Green, and Doodles Pink. Note the different borders and "pale" background!

Zebra HotPink Dots, Paisley Teacher, and Twirl with Color. MANY color choice options!!

Polka Dot Brown and Pink, Single Side with Zebra and Dots, Teal Multi Dots

Polka Dot blue, Leopard Border, Pink Zebra Border

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Notepads: Black and White, 3 available sizes





Please note: Many graphic can be made black and white. Email me with questions. I have done very cute leopard in black and white, and many others.

Here is a Zebra Border, in the Large size.

Here is a Polka Dot Border, in the Square size.

Here is a Twirly Note Pad in the Skinny Size... Twirly is a very popular one!

Have a notepad ready for those teacher notes you always need to write at the last minute. Check the appropriate child's name, write the note, and you are done. Your name and cell could be at the bottom.

This is a photo that I converted to black and white, and then faded it. Great gift for the grandparents! (thanks, Karen!)

These are some notepad ideas. I can custom design something just for your hobby/personality! See above for sizes and prices.

This is for you Hog Fans-- Go Hogs!

I made this one for my husband, and added his favorite animal to the bottom. You could do any sport, hobby, etc. for your man!

Zebra Border with family names...
Polka Dot with Name in Circle... could do monogram as well...


Houndstooth with Monogram...

Family Name... with family members' names throughout pad...

Ok, this one was fun to make! My bunco girls are going on a girls trip, and I made this for them. All of our names are in the background.

Dot with Verse...

Black/White Square...


Houndstooth Border...